HD 800 in 1 JAMMA PCB Multi Game Board for PanderaBox 4S Game Consle


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800 in 1 Multi Game Board.
CGA / VGA HD output all in one unit
Easy installation via JAMMA and VGA connection
Built in mounting holes
Material: Plastic Shell;Circuit board
Overall Dimension: 175mm x 130mm x 40mm
Onboard I/O Interface:
1 x JAMMA Interface
1 x VGA Connector
1 x HDMI Connector
1 x Audio Connector
1 x Volume Puller
Applicable Voltage: 5V / 12V
If you use CRT, connect the jamma and disconnect the VGA connector
If you use LCD, connect both the VGA HD connector and the JAMMA connector
If you connect the JAMMA and VGA together, it defaults to use VGA output
Package Included:
1 x 800 Arcade Game in 1 JAMMA PCB for PandoraBox 4
1 x User Manual

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