60V/5A Boost LED Driver Module Constant Current Driver For 30W LED DLP Light-curing 3D Printer


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FYS Boost LED Driver is an economical and easy to use driver with a maximum output of 60V/5A (requires you to replace the Rs resistor). By default, 900mA ± 5% current output is available for 30W LED (10 string 3) modules.


1. Application for LED Lighting, Boost constant current driver, TFT LED Backlighting. 
2. Easy to use drive with up to 60V/5A output. 
3. Over temperature protection, over current protection. 
4. Excellent line and load regulation thermal shutdown function built in current limit function. 
5. Easy to use. 

User Manual for Reference


Type: LED Drive Board 
Size: 48mm x 38.5mm x 18mm 
Input voltage: DC 5V – 32V 
Output voltage: 26V – 36V 
Output current: 900mA ± 5% 
Conversion efficiency: 93% max 
Working temperature: -20~80 degree celsius 
Quantity:1 PC 
Applications: LED lighting / Improve constant current driver / TFT LED backlight

1. The board will be fever during use (about 60 degree Celsius at 900 mA), which is normal and need not be worried. 
2. Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the board input degree Celsiusand output, otherwise it will damage the board. 

Package Included:

1 x LED Drive Board 

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