BlitzWolf® BW-LS4 Camera Lens 3X HD Telephoto Lens with Lens Hood with Universal Locust Clip


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Brand: BlitzWolf®
Model: BW-LS4
Type: 3X HD Telephoto Lens with Lens Hood
Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Coating layers: Double-side 19 layers coated
Tip diameter: φ 46.5mm (H)30.2mm
Lens hood: φ54mm

Thread diameter: φ17mm


1. BlitzWolf®  BW-LS4 3X TELEPHOTO LENS – Instantly get 3X closer for portraits, large group photos or cityscapes. 
2. CLIP-ON LENS – Universally clip mounts to almost any smartphone and has  soft rubber    clamps to guard against bumps and scratches. The easy mount clip can be attached to either the front or back camera of your smartphone. Compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Windows, HTC ,Lumia, iPad, Tablet PC and most other smartphones.
3. If light hits the side of a lens it can reduce contrast and create flare, our lens hood  prevents light from hitting the front lens from the sides.
4. We combined top grade glass optics with a strong aluminum frame to create a lens that not only performs but also can survive an active lifestyle. 

How to use the BlitzWolf® BW-LS4:

Step 1: Screw the phone lens into the clip.
Step 2: Fix the clip onto the phone.
Step 3: Start taking picture and edjoy your world of photograph.

Package Included:

1* BlitzWolf® BW-LS4 3X HD Telephoto Lens
1* Lens hood
1* Clip
1* Lens cleaning cloth
1* Waterproof pouch

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