Bakeey 7 in 1 Wide Angle Macro Telephoto Fisheye CPL Kaleidoscope Lens Camera Lens For Phone Tablet


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The combination lens allows you to shoot large, so the screen has a stirring appeal and unique taste, your photos on social media stand out. Let you fall in love with photography, use the video to understand the world, use the lens to record the times.

General Specification:
Brand: Bakeey
Model: APL-DG7
Color: Black
Lens Type: 0.36x Wide, Telephoto lens 2x, 0.63x Wide+15x Macro, 198 Fisheye, CPL lens, Kaleidoscope Lens
Lens Material: Glass Optics+PMMA(PolymethylMethacrylate)+ Aluminum alloy
Dimensions: 11.5*9*5 cm
Compatible: All models of Mobile Phone & Tablet PC

Technical Parameters:
198° Fisheye Lens:Angle: 180°-198°
                                   Magnification: 0.28x      
                                   Lens construction:3 Elements 3 Groups
                                   Max diameter: 25mm
 0.63x Wide Angle Lens: Magnification: 0.63x
                                             Lens construction: 2 Elements 2 Groups
                                             Max diameter: 20mm
0.36 wide-angle lens: Angle: 130°
                                        Magnification: 0.36x
                                        Lens construction: 3 Elements 2 Groups
15x Macro Lens: Magnification: 15x
                               Lens construction: 1 Elements 1 Groups
                               Max focus distance: 10-15mm
                               Max diameter: 20mm
Telephoto lens 2x: Magnification: 2x
                                   Lens construction: 2 Elements 1 Groups
                                 Max diameter: 20mm
CPL Lens: Lens construction: 2 Elements 2 Groups
                  Max diameter: 20mm
Kaleidoscope Lens: Lens construction: 1 Elements 1 Groups      
                                  Material: Optical Grade PMMA Material (Acrylic

Package  Included:1 x 0.63x wide angle + 15x macro lens
1 * Telephoto lens 2x
1 * 198 degree  fisheye lens
1 * CPL lens
1 * Kaleidoscope lens
1 * 0.36 wide-angle lens
6 * Lens cap
1 * Lens clip metal screw ring
1 * EVA Pouch bag
1 * Cleaning cloth
1 * User Manual

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