3 days DOA (Dead On Arrival) product guarantee

If one or more of the items you received are damaged, different or not working, you will be protected by this 3 day guarantee.

1. Within 3 days of receiving the product, contact us with a photo or video showing the issue, and whether you want a refund or replacement.

What we will need from you

A. Photo or video showing the issue.
B. Photo of the shipping label and original packaging.
C. To tell us if you prefer a refund or replacement.

2. We will review your claim, and contact you if we need more information. If approved, we will arrange a refund or a replacement of the defective product, and you may be asked to return it. We will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees.

Will I need to send the item back to MegaStore4All?

Only high value products need to be returned. “High value” is determined by our customer service team, and it usually refers to items worth $70 or more. If it is not high value item, then you do not need to return it and you can keep the faulty product. If we ask you to return the product we will discuss with you the most cost effective way to return ship it to us and give you full instructions including our return shipping address. If we ask you to return an item that is not working, we are responsible for paying the return shipping fees.

Where do I send returns?

Items must be returned to the warehouse they came from. If you ordered from a local warehouse, you can send the item back to the same local warehouse. However, if you ordered from an overseas warehouse, you cannot return the defective product to a local warehouse.

Do I need to return all its components or just the faulty part?

Unless agreed otherwise, you should return the item as well as its original packaging and all its accessories, like batteries, cables, chargers, and similar ones. If one component, accessory or spare part is missing, we will ask you to pay for it.

Product warranty

If one or more of the products you received shows quality issues within the warranty period, you can return it to receive a form of compensation. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

Please find the procedures of our warranties below
  1. Take a video or some photos showing the issue occurred with this item and contact us to submit your claim.
  2. We will contact you for more information or give you a response within 48 hours.
  3. If a product is still covered by our warranties, you may have to return it. The responsibility for paying the return shipping fees depends on the actual problem of the item you want to return.
Warranty exclusions

If a product is defective before you start using it, or is not working, you can return it to us within the validity period of our warranties.

However, the following scenarios are to be considered outside the scope of this protection:

  • The user voids the warranty if he or she does the following:
  • Flashes the firmware of a device.
  • Opens the body in an attempt to fix the product.
  • Modifies, removes or swaps parts of a product.
  • Uses the device in a way that it is not intended for.
  • Continues to use it once the fault occurs and causes more damage
  • Fails to contact us when the problem first occurs.
  • Warranties do not cover cases of damage to products from accidental breakage, misuse, or general wear and tear.

Please contact us before returning a defective item, or your return request may be delayed or denied:

  • If a repair is impossible or we cannot offer a replacement due to limited stock availability,we will send you a refund to the same payment account you used to place the order. You can then use the money for purchasing this product again.
  • Intimate apparel and adult toys cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons.
  • If items are lost while being returned, we will not be able to assist you as we wish we could. We recommend that you select a tracked shipping method to return the defective products.
3 Days Return to Us
  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase and the product is still in brand new condition, we can arrange a partial refund, which will cover the price of the item minus the shipping fees. You will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees.
  • If a product is damaged or not working, please refer to our 3 Days Product Guarantee, or to the warranty of its category. The return package should contain all the accessories of this product, which should still be in a good condition.

All products must be returned to the warehouse they were dispatched from. For this reason, products ordered from our US or EU warehouse should not be returned to the CN or HK ones, and vice-versa.

Cancellation policy

For canceling an order which has not been shipped, please contact us as soon as possible.

If the expected shipping date of your order has already passed and it has not been shipped, you can cancel the order and request a refund, which will automatically return to your payment account within 14 business days, it does depends on your payment method.

Orders whose parcels have already been shipped cannot be canceled. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 3 days after receiving it, you are protected by our “3 Days Return to Us” guarantee.

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